Frequently Asked Questions

Please ensure your SPAM filer on your email address is not filtering our emails. Our results notifications and initial contact by physicians is through email correspondence.

When was TeleTest founded?

TeleTest was founded in 2021.

What services do I receive when paying for TeleTest?

‌The payment that TeleTest charges is a convenience fee for arranging the lab tests. The payment does not cover the actual cost of the lab test. However the actual cost of the lab test is typically covered by your normal insurance e.g. OHIP.

How long to view my results?

All results are processed by publicly funded laboratories. The following are typical test times associated with each individual result. We upload the results as soon as they are available. If you recieve a partial lab result on your portal, please note the additional results will be released as soon as they arrive.

Gonorrhoea/Chlamydia: 3 Business Days

HIV/Herpes: 10 Business Days

Syphilis: 6 Business Days

How can I review my results?

You will be able to log in to your account and view new or old lab results. Our lab results are processed in real time so as soon as we get a result, you will be notified by email.

Does provide treatment for positive results?

As of September 2021, we DO offer treatment for STI testing at present time. If you have a positive result for chlamydia/gonorrhea/trichomoniasis, our physicians will be in contact you with medications for treatment. We also contact you if you have a positive result for syphillis and HIV.

Should I get checked for herpes?

We only recommend testing for the herpes virus if you have experienced a suspected genital outbreak or oral cold sores in the past, or if you have a partner with herpes or cold sores and have never had an outbreak yourself. If you have more questions about herpes before ordering this test, we suggest you consult a health care provider first.

We DO NOT recommend routine testing for herpes virus antibodies, as they also carry a false positive rate and receiving a positive result can promote unnecessary anxiety and stress.

Will I be called for a postive herpes result?

You will receive notification of a positive herpes result. We do not call by phone, however, for having a positive herpes virus result unless you specifically request a call from one of our doctors. Given the high prevelance of the herpes virus (see our Interpreting Your Results section on prevelance), you will recieve an email asking you to review the results, and reach out to us if you have concerns. We can provide treatment for cold sores and a genital outbreak with common, effective anti-viral medications. Please send us an email to [email protected]

Who reviews my results?

Our physicians are licensed with College of Physicians and Ontario.

I live outside of Ontario, can I use your service?

Unfortunately we are not currently available outside of Ontario at present time. Please seek care at a local medical centre for screening.

How do I interpret the results?

Please check out our page on Interpreting Your Results.

Do you offer rectal and pharyngeal swabs?

For many of our patients who are active, an important part of the screening process is completing pharyngeal (throat) and rectal swabs. At this time, our public laboratories don't provide patients with self-swabs. This is an issue we hope to resolve shortly. We've understand this is an important need in sexual health screening, and hope to deliver on that!

Do you offer vaginal self-swabs?

We will be allowing patients to complete vaginal self-swabs through our laboratories by mid-September, 2021.