Frequently Asked Questions
Please ensure your SPAM filer on your email address is not filtering our emails. Our results notifications and initial contact by physicians is through email correspondence.

When was TeleTest founded?

TeleTest was founded in January 2021 in response to the pandemic. During the pandemic, many clinics closed their doors, and others have continued to limit in-person care, often to detriment of sexual health. We hope to streamline care and empower people to get tested. We think it would be a great idea to be able to view your results confidently, and with the support of a team of physicians if you have any questions.
We've helped reduce barriers to accessing STI Testing in Ontario and patients are grateful they've been able to access care in a timely fashion, with the utmost confidentiality.

Does TeleTest offer other tests?

TeleTest has been focused on STI testing since we launched. Recently, our patients have requested access to additional test categories. We have worked with Life Labs and Dynacare to provide additional tests to patients. These tests are uninsured non-OHIP-funded tests for routine surveillance purposes. Approximately 1.4 million Ontarians do not have reliable access to primary care or a family doctor and reducing the burden of diabetes, kidney disease and high cholesterol remain a key focus for us. We think we can improve access, reduce costs through early diagnosis, and provide a transformative care experience by focusing on preventative care.

Are all tests covered if I have OHIP insurance?

Most of the tests available through TeleTest are uninsured tests. That means you have to pay lab fees for specific tests. For example, STI testing is available to anyone with OHIP coverage as access to STI testing is a medical necessity. Vitamin testing, for example, is available as an uninsured test.

Does TeleTest limit testing?

TeleTest follows guideline recommendations for test frequency. For example, eligibility for diabetes screening is determined using your intake questionnaire based on the CANRISK Tool (a calculator used to estimate your risk of having diabetes). Testing is limited to the frequency recommended by The Candian Diabetes Guidelines. If you would like more frequent screening than currently recommended, you would pay for these tests as uninsured tests.

Do you follow up on abnormal tests?

Absolutely. We provide a comprehensive care experience, not just access to testing. We provide follow-up of abnormal test results (i.e. high cholesterol, new diabetes, positive chlamydia result) and a diagnosis and management plan. If you have diabetes, for example, we will start you on diabetic medication and walk you through the important counselling that goes with a new diagnosis. Importantly related to sexual health, we have helped hundreds of patients get treated for chlamydia and gonorrhea. We ensure you have a clear plan to manage or further investigate a medical condition.

Can I use TeleTest if I don't have Health Insurance?

If you do not have health insurance, TeleTest collects an additional fee on behalf of our lab partners, Life Labs and Dynacare. You do not need to pay additional charges at the time of your lab visit.

What services do I receive when paying for TeleTest?

TeleTest charges for access to messaging a physician. When you select your tests, you are provided with a link in our patient portal to book a time to text a physician.
The payment does not cover the actual cost of the lab test. However, the actual cost of the lab test is often by your normal insurance e.g. OHIP in cases like sexual health screening. If you do not have OHIP or you have selected an uninsured test, TeleTest collects a lab fee on behalf of the lab you select and you will not need to pay additional fees at the lab.
Most of the lab tests available through TeleTest are uninsured tests that are not covered by OHIP. Please speak to a local provider if you do not wish to use TeleTest for testing.

Can I access testing without using TeleTest?

Most insured tests are available for free through your family doctor, local walk-in clinic or urgent care centre. The fees you pay are specifically for access to messaging a physician.

What happens when I order a test?

You will get an immediate confirmation (check your spam folder), along with a copy of your Ontario Test Requisition. All requisitions are faxed immediately and take 24 hours to process by the lab, but you get a digital copy of your requisition in case you want to print it off and go in for testing right away (skipping the 24-hour waiting period). Dynacare reports 3-4 hours to turn around faxes, and Life Labs reports 24 hours. Results are uploaded to our portal when they are released by the labs.

What are Order Guides?

TeleTest uses Canadian Practice Guidelines from various disciplines to guide surveillance testing. We recommend testing only in accordance with Choosing Wisely and Guideline Recommendations. If you have any questions about testing, you can text us when you select your tests or book a phone consultation with a physician.

Does TeleTest make an appointment at the local lab?

We don't make appointments for you at the lab you selected. Please reach out to the lab to see if they accept walk-in services or are appointment only. The information is usually accessible on their respective websites (Dynacare/LifeLabs/Alpha Labs). If you are completing only urine testing or a vaginal swab, NO APPOINTMENTS are required. Simply show up to the lab and notify them you are dropping off a urine sample or need a swab, and you do not need to schedule an appointment.

Can my family doctor or nurse practitioner get cc'd on my results?

‌We do not share results with your primary care provider. While we do encourage a strong relationship with your primary care provider (i.e. sexual health is an important part of your family doctor's training, and we can assure you while it may seem awkward for you, its something we're all happy to help treat and manage), we understand many people do not want STI results going to your provider. Our results are made available only to you. However, our results are part of Ontario's Laboratory Information Management System (OLIS) and results can be viewed by any health care provider involved in your care if they are specifically looking for your results. As an example, if your family physician was investigating a concern you had and accessed OLIS data to review old information, they would be able to see that you went for testing and could review the results. They are NOT, however, sent results when you go for testing through us.

Will my family doctor get in trouble or 'dinged' for using TeleTest?

We do not bill OHIP for arranging your testing services, so your family physician will not be penalized for your use of TeleTest. However, if you have an abnormal result and require follow-up, our physicians will reach out to you for treatment and your family physician will be notified that you reached out to another provider for treatment.

STI Testing Questions

I don't have a family doctor - will you be able to provide treatment if I have a positive result?
We do offer treatment for transmissible infections. If you have a positive result for chlamydia/gonorrhea/trichomoniasis, our physicians will be in contact with you with medications for treatment. We also contact you if you have a positive result for syphilis and HIV. If you have cold sores or genital herpes, we can prescribe oral Valtrex (valacyclovir) to treat outbreaks. Oral medications are far more effective than cream-based treatments.
How long to view my results?
All results are processed by publicly funded laboratories. The following are typical test times associated with each individual result. We upload the results as soon as they are available. If you receive a partial lab result on your portal, please note the additional results will be released as soon as they arrive. Our bloodwork often arrives sooner than quoted, but these are officially quoted public health times.
Urine Gonorrhoea/Chlamydia: 3 Business Days
HIV: 10 Business Days (usually 2-4 days in our experience)
Herpes: 10 Business Days (usually 7 days in our experience)
Syphilis: 6 Business Days (usually 3-5 days in our experience)
I only see urine results - when does my bloodwork show up?
Bloodwork typically takes a few extra days - hang tight, we will upload your results and you will get a notification from our portal.
It's hard to get an appointment at the lab I selected - can I change locations?
Of course - please email us at [email protected] and we will fax it to a revised address immediately. You also get a digital copy of your requisition to your email address after ordering a test, so if you're in a bind and find a walk-in appointment, you can print off a copy and bring it with you. Labs take 24 hours to process our faxes so by emailing you the requisition, you have the flexibility to go in immediately.
How can I review my results?
You will be able to log in to your account and view new or old lab results. Our lab results are processed in real-time so as soon as we get a result, you will be notified by email.
I saw this when I viewed my results on the TeleTest Portal. What does this mean?
The image below means we have partial results from the lab and are awaiting public health to release bloodwork. You will be notified when the full results are released with a new email.
Who reviews my results?
Our physicians are licensed with the College of Physicians and Ontario.
I live outside of Ontario, can I use your service?
Unfortunately, we are not currently available outside of Ontario at present time. Please seek care at a local medical center for screening.

How do I interpret the results?

Please check out our page on Interpreting Your Results. If you are unsure of how to interpret your results, please email us at [email protected] and a physician will be in contact with you.
Do you offer rectal and pharyngeal swabs?
We currently offer rental and pharyngeal swabs. We use Amazon as a shipping partner and our swabs will arrive within 3-5 business days.
Do you offer vaginal self-swabs?
Currently, only Life Labs carries swabs at their locations, so they are the only laboratory partner we currently work it.
I want a Gardasil 9 Vaccine - can you help out?
Sure! Many of our patients weren't of the age to get Gardasil in school - see our page here on HPV Vaccination. Email us after you complete testing to [email protected] and we can provide you with a prescription. Vaccines can be injected at your pharmacist's office or any local walk-in clinic.
Do I need to use TeleTest to access STI Testing?
You can access STI testing through a local walk-in clinic or emergency room with a valid Ontario health card for free. You would typically require two separate doctor's appointments - one to obtain a requisition and one to review the results and/or receive treatment. Many clinics operate under a 'no news is good news policy' meaning they don't call you for negative results, and many often make you book a follow-up appointment to review results. TeleTest allows you to view your results through our portal, and if you would like to share your results with a new partner, you can share your results at your own discretion.
Some clinics also provide free access for those without a valid OHIP card. You can always call ahead to determine test availability for non-OHIP insurance.