How do I get a prescription after my test results?

Schedule a messaging conversation with a doctor at your appointment time. The doctor will fax any necessary prescriptions to your pharmacy.

Is it possible to get a prescription before getting the lab results?

TeleTest physicians only provide medications prior to testing if you have symptoms or have had a confirmed exposure. If either of these apply to you, you can request medication at the time of your consultation.

What medications do you prescribe?

We prescribe various medications, including, birth control, and asthma puffers, among others. However, some drugs like Mifegymiso are not currently prescribed by TeleTest physicians.

What if my pharmacy didn’t receive my prescription?

It can take a little time for pharmacies to process faxed prescriptions. If there's a delay, contact us at , and we can re-fax or follow up with the pharmacy.

Can I change the pharmacy for my prescription or get a prescription while traveling?

Yes, you can update us with a new pharmacy address for your prescription. For travel-related prescriptions, like delaying periods, arrange a chat with a doctor to discuss your needs.

Can I get the MMR/MMRV Vaccine through TeleTest?

We don’t treat anyone under 18. You can get this vaccine at any walk-in clinic.

Can I receive antibiotics for a sore throat through your service?

Currently, our service does not provide antibiotics for sore throats. Antibiotics are only available for conditions confirmed by positive test results through our testing process. For sore throat treatment and evaluation, we advise seeking the expertise of a healthcare provider, such as visiting a walk-in clinic or consulting with your family doctor, who can assess your symptoms and recommend the most appropriate care.

Why do I need to pay to have my prescription renewed?

At TeleTest, we provide episodic care, which is similar to the service you would receive at an emergency room or a walk-in clinic. This means that we do not establish an ongoing relationship with our patients beyond the initial consultation. Each visit or consultation, including prescription renewals, is treated as a separate service, which incurs a fee. This charge covers the costs associated with the new consultation and the time our healthcare providers spend reviewing your case and ensuring that the renewed prescription is still the best option for your health needs.

If you are looking to avoid this fee, you have the option to seek prescription renewal through a walk-in clinic, where such charges might not apply.

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