Interpreting Results

TeleTest allows you to view your results directly from our public laboratories and Ontario Public Health. Our physicians are available to talk with you about any questions regarding your results.

Interpretation of STI Testing

Common terms on your results page

Not Detected / Non Detected” = no evidence of current infection

PND” = Pending Lab Result, our labs take a few days to process results

Detected” = presence of an infection

Non-Reactive” = you haven’t had a detectable infection - this means you have a negative test result. It's important to note that testing after the closure of the window period for your test is important for reliable, accurate results.

Reactive” = you have been exposed to the virus

I saw this when I viewed my results on the TeleTest Portal. What does this mean?

The image below means we have partial results from the lab and are awaiting public health to release bloodwork. You will be notified when the full results are released with a new email and this information will be replaced with public health blood results. The N does not mean normal or abnormal - it's just a placeholder public health uses.

Vitamin Tests

I have low vitamin D levels. Should I be concerned?

Levels are a common finding, you can raise your vitamin D levels by taking 1000 IU of Vitamin D3 daily. For every 1000 units of vitamin D, you take daily, you will raise your total vitamin D levels by approximately 25 nmol/L.

I have high Vitamin B12 levels. Should I be concerned?

The most common reason for having high vitamin B12 levels is because you're supplementing or because you have a diet rich in vitamin B12. Having high vitamin B12 levels is generally not a concern, and you can reduce your vitamin B12 supplementation if you have high levels.

If you have high vitamin B12 levels, have otherwise normal lab test findings, feel well, and are currently supplementing with a multivitamin or B12 supplement, you can stop supplementing and repeat your levels in 6-12 months.

Having high levels of B12 is not damaging to your health, as it is a water-soluble vitamin and any extra vitamin B12 is cleared by your body. There is no upper daily limit for vitamin B12 defined above in which toxicity occurs. By contrast, there are clear limits established for fat-soluble vitamins like Vitamin A, D, E and K.

Next Steps

  1. Feel well - Reduce vitamin vitamin B12 supplement and repeat levels in 6-12 months.

  2. Feel unwell - Visit a local walk-in clinic for an examination.

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