Private and 3rd Party Insurance

If you have private insurance through UHIP, Blue Cross, - please find commonly asked questions below.


Why use TeleTest if you have UHIP?
TeleTest charges lower visit fees than nearly all walk-in clinics. Most physician consultation fees are $50-75. UHIP will only reimburse you a percentage of your fee (up to $47). Confirm with your insurance provider if you can use TeleTest, as we do not direct bill UHIP.
I am an international student and have UHIP. Can I use TeleTest?
Yes, you can submit your receipt and invoice from TeleTest that can be reimbursed by your health insurance provider.
I have UHIP - is lab testing covered by my insurance?
UHIP covers most lab testing fees. Depending on the lab provider you visit, if they have direct billing with your insurance company. Life Labs and Dynacare have direct billing arrangements with UHIP.