Tests and Lab Requisitions

How do I get a lab requisition for blood work?

Choose your test panel, pay, and complete your health history. Then, book a chat with a doctor. They’ll send your requisition to the lab. You can reschedule using the same link if necessary, and then directly visit the lab.

I completed my lab test, but the status is still showing as incomplete. What should I do?

The status of your lab test will be updated once we receive the results from the lab. Unfortunately, we do not have a system in place to notify us when you have visited the lab. If the status remains unchanged for an extended period .i.e more than the turnaround time, please contact us for further assistance.

What should I do if I do not want to do all the tests in the test panel?

If you do not want to complete all the tests in the test panel, you can do either of the following steps:

  1. Select only the tests you prefer when filling out the intake history OR

  2. During the chat with the doctor, request to exclude certain tests that you do not need. OR

  3. Decline the specific test at the lab during your appointment.

Why can't I see my lab requisition in the chat?

Check your inbox in the portal for a message about your requisition.

I only want treatment, not a lab. How do I cancel the lab part?

Although selecting a lab is part of the process, you can skip the testing and just follow the steps to get your treatment.

If I can't find an early enough appointment at my preferred lab location, can I choose another location and do walk-ins?

Yes, you are free to choose any lab location that suits your needs. If seeking an earlier appointment, we advise checking the availability at different locations. For walk-ins, ensure you have a printed copy of the lab requisition form with you. However, both walk-in availability and the necessity for appointments can vary by lab. We strongly recommend contacting the lab ahead of time to confirm their policies and ensure they can accommodate your visit.

My date of birth is wrong on the requisition. Can you change it?

Sure, email us your correct birth date at support@teletest.dev, and we’ll send a new requisition.

Can the requisition be faxed to a different lab?

Yes, email us the new lab’s address, and we’ll send the requisition there.

What are the costs for additional lab tests at Life Labs, in addition to TeleTest's fee?

Lab testing is usually covered with your OHIP card. Some extra tests not needed for harm reduction purposes have different costs listed on the panel and vary between labs.

Can I get tested for specific markers like CRP and CK?

Currently, our doctors only request the tests listed on our site. For additional tests like CRP or CK, you might want to visit a local clinic or a naturopath.

Do you offer CA 19-9 testing?

We don’t offer CA 19-9 testing. You might contact a naturopath for this.

Can I get a requisition for H. pylori blood work?

We plan to add this test soon. Meanwhile, you can get it done at a local walk-in clinic or your family doctor.

How quickly do I get a requisition and results for a chlamydia test?

After payment and health history completion, schedule a chat with a doctor. You can get your paperwork quickly, usually within the same hour. Check our website for lab reporting times.

Can you refer me for a colonoscopy?

If you have rectal bleeding or a positive home FOBT test, it's best to visit a local clinic for a referral. Local clinics can quickly connect you with a gastroenterologist and arrange a colonoscopy based on an examination.

Can I get a referral for a CT Calcium scan or Heart Stress Test from TeleTest?

Currently, we don't offer these services. We recommend visiting a local walk-in clinic for these tests and referrals. We are considering adding these tests in the future.

Does OHIP limit re tests per a set time?

The frequency of testing is up to the doctor but some tests if requested more frequently than medically required are OHIP uninsured.

How can I get a sex hormone test panel for monitoring Gender-Affirming HRT?

We are working on adding Gender Affirming bloodwork as a panel to our site at present time in accordance with Rainbow Health Ontario guidelines. Although this option is not available yet, our medical team is actively working to make such care more accessible in Ontario.

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