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How do I delete my account from TeleTest?

We can delete your account from our server. However, for legal reasons, your health data is kept in our Electronic Medical Record for 7 years. To proceed with deleting your account, email us at

What if I can't complete my requisition due to account issues?

If you're facing issues with your old account or email, proceed without entering your OHIP card. Then, send us your old email, the last three digits of your health card, and your birthdate (MMYY format). We'll update your current profile with this information.

Is my personal health information shared outside your clinic?

Your health information, including intake history and chat consultations, is kept confidential. It's not shared with other healthcare providers unless you specifically request it. Your family doctor will also need your consent to access this data.

How is my privacy protected?

Your STD test results and health information remain confidential and are not shared with other healthcare providers without your consent. For anonymous testing and privacy concerns, please refer to our detailed guide at TeleTest Privacy Guide.

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