How do I talk to a doctor at TeleTest?

After you choose a test panel and pay, you'll need to fill out your health history on our portal. This will give you a link to schedule a chat with a doctor on the same day. This quick chat is necessary for us to send your test request to the lab. You can reschedule using the same link if needed. Once this step is done, you're all set to go to the lab for your test.

I've filled out the forms. What's next for my blood work?

You're on track! You've completed your forms and have an appointment set up for a chat with the doctor. After the secure chat session, you can directly go to the lab for your tests.

What if I paid but don't know what to do next?

It looks like you've completed your health history and have an appointment booked for a chat with the doctor. After your chat, head to the lab with your paperwork for testing and/or to get the prescription from your pharmacy.

What if I miss my scheduled appointment?

Try to join the chat 10 minutes before your appointment. If you miss it, don’t worry. You can reschedule using the same booking link.

How do I follow up after an online appointment?

To ask more questions after your consultation, you need to book a new consultation. This means selecting another test panel, filling out your health history, and setting up a time to chat with a doctor. You might not get the same doctor as before.

What are the next steps after ordering an STD test online?

Simply click the link at your scheduled appointment time to chat with our doctors.

Can I see my chat with the doctor once it is completed?

Once the chat is completed, it is not available. We are working on bringing this feature soon.

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