UHIP and TeleTest

This page answers common questions if you have UHIP.

I have UHIP. Can I use TeleTest?

If you have UHIP, you can access messaging consultations through TeleTest. You can request an invoice to submit to UHIP for reimbursement, and you would need to confirm your insurance plan provides reimbursement for medical care.

Is lab testing covered?

Most labs in Ontario have direct billing with the 'big 3' lab testing companies - Alpha Labs, Life Labs and Dynacare. This means you do not need to pay lab fees at the time of your visit. Some labs may require you to pay for the lab testing, and request reimbursement from your insurance plan by submitting your receipt.

Nearly all lab tests are covered with UHIP insurance, so some specialty tests (i.e. Vitamin D) require a separate private-pay fee. Generally, UHIP lab testing coverage overlaps with tests that are insured under OHIP.

I'm interested in STI testing. Are these lab tests covered with UHIP?

STI tests are covered under UHIP. Some specialty tests like Mycoplasma Genitalium are not covered under UHIP insurance.

I'm interested in metabolic testing. Are these lab tests covered under UHIP?

Routine metabolic testing (i.e. diabetes, high cholesterol) is covered with UHIP.

I'm looking to renew a prescription. Can TeleTest provide my regular medication?

TeleTest can renew most prescription medications. We do not currently renew prescriptions for narcotics (i.e. morphine), stimulants (Ritalin) or hormone therapy (i.e. testosterone).

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