TeleTest currently offers subscriptions for arranging STD testing. Subscriptions do not currently include oral or anal swab testing.

If you desire an STD subscription, please follow the steps below.

  1. Select 'STD Subscription' from the product page.

  2. Check-out and complete payment.

  3. Return to the STD panel and select the STD Panel.

  4. Complete the intake questions, then proceed to the payment page after clicking 'Submit'. Do not proceed with payment.

  5. Email us at and state "Authorize Testing from My Subscription".

  6. We'll review your subscription status and allow you to proceed through the standard process.

  7. We're working to streamline this process, so we appreciate your patience.

How do I get started with my next STI test using my subscription?

Choose your desired test panel, go to the checkout page but don’t complete the purchase. Email us at, and we'll handle the payment part so you can continue with your intake form as usual.

General Questions

How do I start the process for my next STI test with my subscription?

Select your panel, head to checkout but don't pay. Email us at , and we'll mark your requisition as paid so you can proceed.

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